Commander Report – December 26th

Commander Report


Tania Robles

It seems that lately, the energy in the Hab fluctuates a lot. If it wasn´t for Christmas and the special dinner we prepared, we would probably be in a more fatigued mental state.

The crew continues performing their tasks but the time is no longer feeling like the first days on Mars. We haven´t managed to wake up as early as before or maintain so much energy during the day. However, we maintain the spirit and daily routines to meet the objectives.

The day of departure to Earth is approaching and for now, the only thing we are focusing on is to finish our projects and to welcome the new earthlings on Mars.

Commander Report – DECEMBER 23rd

Crew 201 Commander Report 23-DEC-2018

Sol 8

As the days go by, the crew gets adapted more and more to the daily routine on Mars. However, we have realized that today in Sol 8 we are already mentally tired. Now we laugh with any joke no matter how dumb it may be.

Although we have evolved in our relation, we remain as close as before or even more. All of the crew members work on their daily activities and fulfill each of their mission objectives.

There have been no conflicts although our personalities are the same on many occasions, especially when it comes to making decisions and establishing leadership. Within the Crew 201 there are the following types: ENTJ, ENTP, ENFP and INTP.

Tomorrow is Christmas, and although we had established that there would be no stoppage of activities by the date, the crew has shown special interest in celebrating, having different activities and rest. Maybe everyone starts to miss the Earth, or at least family.

Good job Crew, keep working like this.

Tania Robles

Commander Report – December 21st

Sol 6.
The crew is beginning to present some situations regarding fatigue. The routine is already perceived among us. The temperature of the second floor of the Habitat affects the rest at night of the team because it is higher than what we normally had on Earth and in our country. This complicates our sleep and rest. Today four out of six crew members had nightmares.

During the day, we carried out our daily activities and continued working on our projects, however the technical complications continue to complicate the progress, especially the explosion that the supply rocket had and that suppose to would bring us several scientific instruments. Food became the best part of the days in Mars. Keep working like that crew.

Commander Report – December 20th

Sol 5

Today the crew performed their activities satisfactorily. Humor and fun is becoming more present, as well as fatigue and lack of time in the routines that we must cover daily.

According to our previous schedule, we are a little behind with the work of our projects because of some technical programs with programming and electronics, but I trust that the most intelligent men of Mars will be able to solve it.

Today I received bad news from Earth, but a hug and the words of friendship from my dear crew members made me feel much better.

Our chef has managed to surprise us daily and keep us nourished, although hunger is always present. Mars is difficult, but being with this crew everything is better. Good work Crew 201

Commander Report – December 19th

Dear Atila, Here is the Commander report of today. Thank you

The crew has worked quite well. Everyone is focused on their projects, daily tasks and no personal problems have shown between the team. Today at night we will talk about how we have felt about our daily activities and about our personal habits, it´s important to know if there is something that bothers us to avoid future problems.

We know that day 7 is the point where the energy of the crew begins to slow down, it´s a critical point and the XO and I want to monitor this.

During the EVA, four crew members carried out their activities correctly and followed the rules on communication and safety following the objectives.

Tomorrow there will be less personal interaction in the team because everyone will be working on their projects, but during the meals we plan integration activities to keep the crew together.

Commander Report – December 18th

Mission Support,
This is the Commander Report for today.

Sol 3
Today the crew had a lot of personal interaction with good and fun moments. We found a board game that some previous Crew maybe left in the Martian habitat. It was about asking questions about personal aspects to understand each other more. Even though we known each other from a long time ago, we learned many new things from ourselves and now we understood many other things.

Tomorrow we will go out to make our first EVA for the experiments. I’m sure the team will do a great job.

Thank you

Commander Report – December 17th

Crew 201 Commander Report 17-Dec-2018

When I found out that I would return to Mars the same year, the first thing I did was get excited by the new propulsion system that would quickly bring me back to the red planet after having visited it for the first time at the beginning of the year with a crew that represented all of Latin America.

This new occasion is different, Misión de Exploración-1(MEx-1) is confirmed by Mexican engineers who have dedicated years of their life to work in different areas of science and technology in our country. We met more than two years ago in a congress of the International Astronautical Federation. There we knew that we all shared the same dream, being astronauts … going to Mars.

Here we are, Here I am, in the front of a crew formed by leaders in their field but committed with the objective of the mission. Each of them has different personalities that make them unique and different for their tasks, experiments, and daily activities.

I am the only woman, the youngest and the Commander. For all those girls who read this: come on, you can do it, don´t be afraid.

Before coming to Mars, we trained for hours about how to work as a team and to learn how to solve problems and emergencies. All this worked because despite that they are still learning how everything works, each one has done a good job and fulfilled the tasks that are assigned to them. Thanks to our Ground Crew for the previous support.

The mission has many objectives and experiments but I trust in my crew and they trust in me. Everything goes according to plan and without any incident. In the next few days we will receive a rocket with some more instruments for the experiments, meanwhile, we will perform other previous tasks.

Tania Robles, Crew 201 Commander

Commander Report – December 7th

Crew 200

Commander Report


Another mission is over. Three crew members will carry on an extended mission for a few days.

Short missions have different challenges compared to longer missions. Here, adaption to this environment is predominant to the effects induced by isolation, as more time is needed to manifest such effects in the crew dynamics. However, you can still get science out of it! An example. The leadership approach is completely different.

My crew has interestingly connected their projects where energy is the main topic. During this week, we have investigated energy in engineering, science, agriculture and arts!

Then, active conversations about the future of space exploration started when answering to kid’s questions about space. From one of this questions, it appears that a few kids think that only men can be trained as astronauts. I do not blame them, I guess it depends on the family.

I recognize the importance of out-reach and STEAM in education. However, parents or relatives should also be educated to recognize the current progress of science, otherwise all the investments in STEAM might not have a long-term impact in our society.

An example. Female astronauts exist. Female Commanders too! A good change can be produced investing in programs that teach to men how to work with women and vice-versa. Reminding the importance of women in our society is a bit limited, as it does not directly imply that a good interaction between employees or collaborators can be established.

Wishing the best to all, especially new mothers.
Ad Astra!

Commander IC

Commander Report – December 4th

Crew 200


Commander Report

Although my crew has been though different changes throughout preparation, I am proud of their efforts and attitude. The unexpected weather conditions have contributed to have vibrant brainstorming.

As Commander, I am learning more about communications. It is challenging to find the right keywords to quickly establish an effective communication with the crew, when environmental conditions are changing. Crew dynamics is always different, although common patterns.

My crew is learning together, and this is a good start.

Commander Ilaria Cinelli


Commander Report – May 04th

Commander Report
Anima Patil-Sabale
Mission Sol 12 (Earth Day May the 4th, 2018)

May The Forth Be With You!

It’s been a beautiful sol on Mars today. With our EVA’s completing as planned, the crew cleans up to leave no trace and packs for home with mixed feelings. It’s been a successful mission, our research and exploration went as planned and have been fruitful.

The crew has maintained a fine balance of work hard and play hard. Every one played their role to the T. As is bound to happen with a crew of highly accomplished individuals, we have been successful at mitigating minor ups and downs in crew dynamics through open discussions at our debriefing meetings. We have in fact used them to develop our strengths, work on our weaknesses and evolve as individuals as well as a team.

This has been my second time commanding a mission. It has been a similar yet different experience; I have been able to apply lessons learned from the previous mission to this mission and I have had an opportunity to evolve my leadership skills while adapting to newer and different situations.

It’s been a privilege to serve as Commander to this stellar crew. Looking forward to continuing our work to advance Mars colonization and space exploration together, beyond this mission.

Our XO, and our scientist, you will find him in the science dome Our Engineer, he fixes all things broken, in this Martian home Our Doctor, she’s the best, she keeps us safe and sound
Our Astronomer, captures the sun in action, during each observatory round A Commander couldn’t ask for a better crew for this Martian mission
With all our goals accomplished we bring this mission to a successful completion!

Thank you for all your support and for being with us every sol Mission Support and Mission Control! It’s been great working with you.

Signing off for this sol and this mission,

Warm Regards,
Anima Patil-Sabale
Commander, (Gold 00), Crew #193
Mars Desert Research Station