Daily Pictures – March 29th

SOL Essay (photo description)
29 Mar 2018

Sol 05

Miho Tsukishiro (XO)

For our Journalist’s project, today we had a film-shooting in EVA. The sight from the roof of the hill along the Galileo Road was so amazing, really MARS-like scenery. But after we climbed up to there, found the difficulty to breath wearing the space helmet. Also it was hard for our video photographer to tell direction via radio because he had to use both hands to hold his camera. However, the results ware great as you can see.

By the way, we have found a problem with the solar system in HAB this morning. This is one of our lifeline, so we keep monitoring tomorrow.

In this afternoon, Wataru Okamoto has started his own project with his majoring system: the instrument has been installed inside a tunnel at last.

Crew Photos – March 28th

SOL Essay (Photo Description)

28 Mar 2018

Sol 04

Miho Tsukishiro (XO)

This morning we had a half day off because some of us overslept and looked little bit tired. No wonder we have already spent a couple of days very busy and tense. However, we got fit again after the break!

For lunch we tried SPACE FOOD made in Russia, which is a kind Gift from Anastasya, who was a crew mate of our commander by Mars160. It was really tasty as we expected and also interesting experience eating food from a tube.

EVA #4 in this afternoon was also for collecting rubbish + GPS training as yesterday: we found so many tiny garbage or is it a sign of life?