Crew Photos – February 24th

12N 425300 51800 02242017 Crew on hill 2
12N 515000 4254000 02242017 ATVs on Yellow Moon
02242017 Calibrating the printer
02242017 Connected glasses connected to PC
02242017 Refilling the tank
12N 425300 51800 02242017 Crew on hill
12N 515000 4254000 02242017 From Yellow to White moon
12N 515000 4254000 02242017 Grey Moon
02242017 Deploting the balloon

Crew Photos – February 23rd

Sport session


Removing the plastic from the wall


Finding the sextant coordinates


Using the sextant


Today’s crew


Heading north


Mouadh digging the seismometers hole


Louis equiping Xavier

Crew Photos – February 20th

Vegidair in action
Simon helping Louis
White rock canyon 2
White rock canyon 1
Reaching White rock canyon
Forced pairw 

Crew Photos – February 18th

Collecting data
Choose between fog or headband
Checking the seismometer
Challenge accepted
Rainy day
Guys working on the radios
First ride on ATVs
Baby lettuce

Crew Photos – February 18th

Team work
Spinach growing
Rainbow from hab
Louis confessing to coach
Aquapad water tests
Coming home
Homemade relay
Arthur testing the sextant

Crew Photos – February 17th

02172017 Leaving the hab


12N 518500 4250000 02172017 Installing the seismometer
12N 518000 4250100 02172017 First steps on Mars
12N 518000 4250100 02172017 Landsacpe
12N 518000 4250100 02172017 Mouadh
12N 518000 4250100 02172017 Arthur
12N 518000 4250100 02172017 Crew exploring
12N 518700 4250700 02172017 Victoria
02172017 We now master bread

Crew Photos – February 16th

Henry mountains


Crew picture


Crew walk




Arthur using aquapad


Homemade birthday cake


Waiting for EVA


Crew in canyon

Crew Photos – February 15th

Rover coming home
Filling up the balloon
Crew Walk
Balloon Floating
Victoria and her plants
Simon walking
Crew picture
Shot from balloon

Crew Photos – February 14th

Xaviers briefing


Victoria’s room.


Valentines ham


Testing the backpacks




Lettuce before death


First bread


Louis programming the EMUI

Crew Photos – February 10th

04 Sneha set to water plants in the GreenHab
06 Lovely connection between Mars and the Sun
07 Fantastic landscape captured by Sai Arun
08 Beautiful site of MDRS captured by Sai Arun
03 Mamatha carrying out internal microbial sample collection
02 Saroj driving the Rover during the last EVA of Crew 174
01 Breathtaking Sunrise captured by Sneha Velayudhan
05 Proud Saroj (Crew Scientist) representing The University of Alabama in Huntsville