Crew Photos – February 10th

04 Sneha set to water plants in the GreenHab
06 Lovely connection between Mars and the Sun
07 Fantastic landscape captured by Sai Arun
08 Beautiful site of MDRS captured by Sai Arun
03 Mamatha carrying out internal microbial sample collection
02 Saroj driving the Rover during the last EVA of Crew 174
01 Breathtaking Sunrise captured by Sneha Velayudhan
05 Proud Saroj (Crew Scientist) representing The University of Alabama in Huntsville

Crew Photos – February 9th

Trial on Astrophotography by Sai Arun Dharmik at MDRS.


Mamatha collecting soil samples at Lith Canyon.


Arpan’s drone experiment used to locate a crew member.


Arpan and Mamatha – Get, Set, Go (EVA spirit)!


Good try from Saroj to skip from sol summary report.


View of Mars on a bright afternoon.

Crew Photos – February 6th

Saroj and Arpan post soil samples collection


Saroj and Arpan collecting soil samples


Arpan and Sneha discussing about interesting Martian rocks


Picture depicting river bed near Mount Sharp on Mars

Crew Photos – February 6th

Commander inspecting plants under the misian Mars lamp


Early morning pre EVA discussions


Saroj Kumar excited for EVA


Our Crew Scientist, Saroj Kumar gearing up for an EVA


Martian (Saroj Kumar) inspecting EVA site


Martian securing the hab static tank against strong winds

Crew Photos – February 5th

EVA site inspection by Mamatha Maheshwarappa
Sol 07 Team Briefing (before and after)
Sol 07 Mamatha Maheshwarappa Arpan Vasanth and Sneha Velayudhan after successful EVA
Sneha Velayudhan collecting soil samples
Sneha Velayudhan and Mamatha Maheshwarappa heading towards EVA site
Martians returning to the hab
MDRS site
Drone searching our lost Martian

Crew Photos – February 4th

Team Engineer Measuring Vitamin D
Team Breakfast
Measuring Root Growth under Misian Mars Lamp
Measuring Root Growth in Green Hab
Its Spring time on Mars!!!!
Experiment Prep by Commander and Executive Officer
Mamatha’s Orbital Anniversary on Mars

Crew Photos – February 3rd

Crew 174-Team Planeteers in front of their crew quarters
Group Picture of Crew 174
Arpan (Engineer), Mamatha (Commander) and Saroj (Scientist) in the airlock prior to their EVA
Collected soil samples to study human commensal bacteria around the hab
Growth of fenugreek plant in a controlled environment at GreenHab
Preparation for EVA
Mamatha and Saroj trying to measure distance from hab to collect soil samples during their EVA
Soil samples collection during the EVA
Enjoying Indian Desert – Gulab Jamun prepared by Master Chef, Sneha Velayudhan
Early morning team briefing

Crew Photos – February 1st

Arpan (Engineer) and SaiArun (Geologist) in the airlock prior to their EVA
Arpan and Sneha posing casually on a bright sunny Mars day
Crew Biologist (Sneha) filling the Earth and Mars soil to test plant growth
Crew Engineer (Arpan) and Crew Scientist (Saroj) trying to figure out issue with overhead water system
Crew Engineer and Geologist on their way to explore Mars
Crew enjoying delicious lunch after a tiring EVA
Preperation of ‘Mars soil’ to moniter plant growth

Crew Photos – January 31st

Crew members studying geology map of Mars.


Crew biologist Sneha potting the Seedlings into soil with help from crew engineer.


Crew biologist digging soil with shovel.


Crew biologist and crew engineer in the field.


Crew biologist and crew engineer ready for EVA.


Sprouted fenugreek seedlings.

Crew Photos – January 27th

Outside HAB January 27th 2017 Michaela on EVA with SOSA(Credit RIck Blake)
Outside HAB January27th 2017 Idriss on EVA(Credit NIamh Shaw)
Outside HAB January 27th 2017 Rick on EVA(Credit Michaela Musilova)
Outside HAB January 27th 2017 Niamh on EVA(Credit Niamh Shaw)
Outside HAB January 27th 2017 Interesting geological formation(Creit Rick Blake)
Outside HAB January 27th 2017 Michaela and Rick on EVA(Credit Rick Blake)
Outside HAB January 27th 2017 Michaela on EVA(Credit Rick Blake)
Outside HAB January 27th 2017 Rick on EVA near Hab(Credit Michaela Musilova)