Journalist Report – May 8th

Prepared by Victor Roman, Crew Journalist

Date May 8 2017

MDRS Sol 10 update

Our crew member is alive! We are seriously considering calling him the latino Mark Watney. Just kidding, his accident was not that serious and we have never left him behind. Thankfully he is back with the rest of the crew and we are together again. We even baked bread to celebrate.

From our perspective the sol started very early, the dawns at the MDRS are a beautiful thing to see. The two crew members that stayed at the MDRS had to do all the work of six people. It was not a fun morning. Even out of simulation, cleaning, cooking, and cleaning again is a bit tedious. We have a high morale; though, so we did it singing Soda Stereo.

Later during the sol when the rest of the team came back, we were relieved to see everything was fine. We ate our bread caked without yeast and then we went with Shannon to the place of the accident. The ATV is ok; however the rover needs a bit of a fixing. We towed the rover with the help of a local and then we headed back to the station before it started to rain.

Daily Summary – May 7th

Prepared by Victor Roman, Crew Journalist

Date May 7 2017

MDRS Sol 9 update

The first hours of the sol were normal. We evaluated the damage caused by the wind and found the tunnels were bent. Later each of us went to our place to continue working with our projects. After that we had lunch and as usual talked about ourselves.

The rest of the day has been different. Crew members went out for a programmed EVA and one of them had an accident in rover. The vehicle flipped twice and the driver passed out for few seconds. The rover, a helmet and a ATV got broken but the crew member is in a good condition.

However, just to be safe, a commission was formed in order to drive the crew member to Grand Junction’s hospital. The group left around 7pm and they are expected to arrive around 10pm to the hospital. As this is a very particular situation, we have broken sim for the rest of the sol and probably solmorrow.

We will notify CapCom as soon as we have more information about the crew member’s condition. However he should be fine: he had not visible signs of being hurt, just minor scratches. 

Journalist Report – May 6th

Prepared by Victor Roman, Crew Journalist

Date May 6 2017

MDRS Sol 8 update

Eventful day even when there was no programmed EVAs. The sol started very early with the loud voices of EVA Officer Yair Piña and Greenhab Engineer Camili Reyes talking by internet with friends from Russia. The initial rush of happiness of Yair was then followed by an intense feeling of drowsiness, thou.

The rest of the morning was boring for the mission journalist, he had to clean the hab and wash an Olympus Mons of dishes. Once he was done, he grabbed a cup of coffee and he sat to talk with the rest of the crew about history. As usual the conversation was extremely interesting, there are a lot of things we don’t know about each other’s country history.

Almost immediately after a delicious lunch, the crew was surprised by a strong lighting that hit too close to the base. Coordination with Dr. Shannon Rupert led to taking safety measures till the possible electric storm passed. We took advantage of the “time off” and talked about this scenario in real life and we thought it would be scary as hell.

Then we all proceeded to do our duties and started writing reports with a noisy sand storm as a background.

Daily Summary – May 6th

Crew 180 Daily Summary Report 060517

MDRS Daily Summary Report for sol 5

Summary Title (We stayed at home today working in our projects, reading, sleeping, eating. Surprisingly, it was raining and it was really windy).

Mission Status: (No problems so far)

Sol Activity Summary: (All the procedures from the Hab)

Look Ahead Plan: (Tomorrow, we will continue with our research).

Anomalies in work: (All normal and working)

Weather: Cold in the morning and windy in the afternoon

Crew Physical Status: All are fine

EVA: (No EVAs)

Reports to be file: (Journalist, engineering report and EVA request)

Support Requested: No support

Prepared by Yendry


Crew 180

GreenHab Report – May 5th

Crew 180 Greenhab Week Report 5 May 2017

Here on Mars, operations in the greenhab have been somewhat difficult due to the high temperatures that occur inside the greenhab, which have oscillated from Sol 1 to Sol 5 between 49.6°C – 53°C, relative humidity 1%, making impossible to operate there. Likewise, physalis cultivation was located into the growing chamber inside the laboratory, and so far have not presented signs of germination.
From my perspective, the greenhab is operational on late autumn and throughout the winter, but from mid-spring and summer, it is inoperative.
So far, everything is going great with our projects and I hope to have good news about the physalis during the weeknd!! (Fingers crossed)
Hope to hear from you soon, greetings to mother earth.
Kind regards,

Camilo Andres Reyes
Crew 180 – LATAM1
Mars Desert Research Station

Crew Photos – May 5th

Short EVA


Gabriel Testing his Rover


Gabriel Setting his Rover


Exhausted Astronaut


Crew Dancing

Journalist Report – May 5th

Prepared by Victor Roman, Crew Journalist

Date May 5 2017

MDRS Sol 7 update

The morning started with lambada. Part of the Latin-American culture is dancing so the crew members began moving their bodies when Commander Corrales played the old Brazilian song “Chorando Se Foi” with her laptop.

After breakfast we had a long conversation about the future of space exploration in latinamerican countries. We would like to promote and eventually create the Agencia Espacial Latinoamericana – AEL (Latin-American Space Agency). However we have to overcome a lot of political and economic difficulties.

Later we had a short EVA to place petri dishes in the nearby hill, and the heat was so intense that it suffocated one of the crew members so bad he almost fainted. That’s why we decide it to cancel the programmed EVA. We instead talked a lot about the history of our countries and culture. It is always very enlightening to share a good conversation with very intelligent people.

Finally the mission journalist went outside again with the Crew Engineer in order to briefly test his rover and take pictures for his journal article.

Daily Summary – May 4th

Crew 180 Daily Summary Report 040517

MDRS Daily Summary Report for sol 3

Summary Title (Today we recorded with cabala Production the documentary about the MDRS. They recorded our normal life in the station, we talked about our projects, objectives and we showed them all the places from the hab)

Mission Status: (No problems so far)

Sol Activity Summary: (All the procedures from the Hab)

Look Ahead Plan: (Tomorrow we will come back to normal simulation and we will continue with our research).

Anomalies in work: (All normal and working)

Weather: Sunny and hot

Crew Physical Status: Victor feels better and the others members are ok.

EVA: (No EVAs. We just drove with the ATVs and rover around the house for recording some scenes)

Reports to be file: (Journalist, engineering report and EVA request)

Support Requested:  No support

Prepared by Yendry

Best Regards,


Yendry Commander

Crew 180

Crew Photos – May 4th



Lunch together


Setting up our flags


Welcoming the Producers


Coordinating the taking

Journalist Report – May 4th

Prepared by Victor Roman, Crew Journalist

Date May 4 2017

MDRS Sol 6 update

Part of The Mars Society Mission is to communicate and promote the exploration on Mars. That’s why we welcomed the producer of the documentary Hijos de las Estrellas (Son of Stars), who came to film a chapter with us.

We have spent almost the whole day filming, taking pictures and “performing” for the documentary, which is about the space exploration in Latinoamerica. Most of the attention was directed to the Commander and the EVA Officer, thou. The rest of us were simple extras.

Just kidding, it was fun. We had the chance to talk about our projects and the things that we’re more passionate about. We had a very good time and we even invited them lunch. We are looking forward to seeing the documentary on TV, YouTube or Netflix.