Crew 240 Crew Photos 07Feb2022

[title Crew Photos – February 07th]

Hello Mission Support, here are today’s pictures – one of them from last
night’s pizza night (can’t miss that), some others for the very
food-oriented Journalist Report, and images from today’s EVA. One of
them’s very large but I still think it’s worth it – if you zoom in
enough you can see Pierre’s drone! Tell me if I still need to resize.

Crew Photos – February 6th

Only 4 pictures today, and I apologise for it – Sundays are quiet-ish
here and pictures end up low on the priority list. Besides, it’s too
early for pizza pictures, sadly. We can try to improvise something last
minute if absolutely necessary, but I’m afraid this’ll have to do.

Crew Photos – February 4th

Tremendous photos tonight! Well done!

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On Friday, February 4, 2022, 09:47:06 PM CST, Atila Meszaros <> wrote:

Here are the photos. I jumped super high to get the photo of the entire
station (my favorite one), my feets hurt now!