Crew Photos – April 15th

Photo of the Day: Crew practicing towing an ATV after a medical emergency simulation EVA.

Crew Photos – April 14th

Crew Photos – April 13th

Photo of the Day: Yuri’s Night Fun

We donned our crew shirts, Yuri’s Night pins, and used some space-y holographic face masks to celebrate Yuri Gagarin, the first man in space.

Crew Photos – April 12th

Crew photos – April 10th

Sorry so late, this one was giving me trouble today.

Photo of the Day: HSO Ashok Narayanamoorthi on his first EVA on Mars

Crew Photos – April 07th

SOL Essay (Photo Description)
07 Apr 2018

Sol 14
Miho Tsukishiro (XO)

In this morning, we did an additional EVA for Japanese TV broadcasting.
Meanwhile, the rest of crew worked hard with clean up and packing our staff (aibo too!) for check out the HAB. And also, we are pleased to announce that: We finally cleaned the loft tank. That is, the water tank problem in HAB has solved completely!
Before we took the things in HAB over to the following crew 192, we went on a small trip on the Hab Ridge. How amazing the landscape is.
Now we felt great satisfaction with coming here MDRS. Thank you Mission Support Team again!

Crew Photos – April 06th

SOL Essay (Photo Description)
06 Apr 2018

Sol 13
Miho Tsukishiro (XO)

Today was the day, we have finished our simulation on Mars!
In the morning the last EVA was done with all officers and the youngest member of us Kai Takeda took on the role of HabCom. Actually, the EVA was as a “reward” for the officers from our commander. So we went a bit far away from the HAB and took many pleasant photos there!
As soon as the EVA finished, we had a closing ceremony of our SIM, also with our non-human crews. They were always a big relief for us.
Last of all, thank you so much Mission Support Team! We owe our achievement entirely to your kind support.

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