Crew Photos – April 07th

SOL Essay (Photo Description)
07 Apr 2018

Sol 14
Miho Tsukishiro (XO)

In this morning, we did an additional EVA for Japanese TV broadcasting.
Meanwhile, the rest of crew worked hard with clean up and packing our staff (aibo too!) for check out the HAB. And also, we are pleased to announce that: We finally cleaned the loft tank. That is, the water tank problem in HAB has solved completely!
Before we took the things in HAB over to the following crew 192, we went on a small trip on the Hab Ridge. How amazing the landscape is.
Now we felt great satisfaction with coming here MDRS. Thank you Mission Support Team again!

Crew Photos – April 06th

SOL Essay (Photo Description)
06 Apr 2018

Sol 13
Miho Tsukishiro (XO)

Today was the day, we have finished our simulation on Mars!
In the morning the last EVA was done with all officers and the youngest member of us Kai Takeda took on the role of HabCom. Actually, the EVA was as a “reward” for the officers from our commander. So we went a bit far away from the HAB and took many pleasant photos there!
As soon as the EVA finished, we had a closing ceremony of our SIM, also with our non-human crews. They were always a big relief for us.
Last of all, thank you so much Mission Support Team! We owe our achievement entirely to your kind support.

Crew Photos – April 05th

SOL Essay (Photo Description)
05 Apr 2018

Sol 12
Miho Tsukishiro (XO)

It’s been a long and busy day.
In the morning, the EVA team did 3D survey of the HAB by a Drone Camera. It was for Wataru’s project and he succeeded it although it was a bit windy.
Then we had lunch with fresh vegetable in the GreenHab for the project of Kai. He planned letting us spend the day as the “Plants Day”. That is, we do what usually just only the GreenHab officer do: harvest, sowing, watering and eating etc. So we were surrounded by greenery today! So Kai did also greenery EVA in this afternoon. He took the team to the place where they could find some plants and let them observe and draw it. His interest is how will plants influence people especially in such a closed life.
Meanwhile, we worked hard again to clean the black water tank. We hope you can see the result: now ready to fill with the clean water!

Crew Photos – April 4th

Hi CapCom,

here is our Photo Report with its description on sol11.

Miho XO crew191

SOL Essay (Photo Description)
04 Apr 2018

Sol 11
Miho Tsukishiro (XO)

In EVA #12, Venzha did the third time recording for his CEMs project and it was the last. Every time he set the antenna in different shapes and got naturally various sounds from outer space. Every crew members are now looking forward to listening his results.
We also made an effort to solve the water problem as much as yesterday: clean up of the contaminated water tanks in RAM.
As a result: the white tank and the small tank in Hab car are now “clean” enough to bring us the safe water from the earth! However, it remains the case that we also have to clean the black and the loft tank (maybe tomorrow or after the end of our SIM?).

Crew Photos – April 03rd

SOL Essay (Photo description)
03 Apr 2018

Sol 10
Yusuke Murakami (Commander)

After the EVA #9 team had left the HAB, Yusuke and Makoto started an operational EVA with a brush, towels, cleaner, and water for washing. We had already put the contaminated white tank inside the RAM on SOL9. As you know “RAM” is an abbreviation of the “Repair and Assembly Module”, but it never used as a purpose. So, today is the Memorial Day of RAM! Yusuke and Makoto got down into the tank only with underwear and cleaned it. Sometime they need to put their head out of a narrow mouth of the tank for breathing as a seal. We couldn’t complete cleaning the tank during this EVA, but almost done. The operation never realized without RAM. Thanks RAM!!!
Related to the water problem, we also cleaned up the water pump. So we are in progress of preparing for the clean water to our HAB now.
In EVA #9, Venzha did recording for his project CMEs again, but in another place and setting in another way. As a result, he was able to get very different sound from last time.

Crew Photos – April 2nd

SOL Essay (Photo Description)
02 Apr 2018

Sol 09
Miho Tsukishiro (XO)

This morning we have decided our EVA #9, because we have to solve the water pollution in the HAB. Since we found some white unknown material in the white tank yesterday, we can not use the water anymore, which already in the HAB water system.
The solution we took without breaking our SIM: request supply of clean water for two days, and clean up the tanks meanwhile.
So we checked and got some sample of water from the tanks and brought the empty but still contaminated white tank into the RAM today, so that we can clean it up during following EVA.

Crew Photos – April 1st

SOL Essay (photo description)
01 Apr 2018

Sol 08
Miho Tsukishiro (XO)

For the outreach project of our commander Yusuke Murakami, we did photo-shooting on Mars during today’s EVA. The commander report, which also published on a Japanese newspaper today, tells “a day on Mars” as we all are actually there, because it’s April Fool. In the following pictures, the EVA team performed characters in the article: Leader Taro, journalist Emi and the geologist. So please see these pictures with today’s commander report!

Crew Photos – March 31st

SOL Essay (Photo Description)
31 Mar 2018

Sol 07
Miho Tsukishiro (XO)

Today we had a day off! So nothing to describe, instead of that, we introduce our non-human crew: two robot-dog “Aibo”s and the automatic hydroponic machine “foop”.
Aibo, the lovely dogs ease the tense atmosphere in our closed life.
The machine foop is made for interior and we can see the process of plant’s growth.
They do NOT attend briefing, clean up the HAB and of course no EVA, but they are definitely part of our team and big support for us.

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