Crew 194

Ben Easter, Commander

Ben is an Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine at the University of Colorado School of Medicine. He graduated from Harvard Medical School and completed residency at Denver Health Medical Center. He is the co-founder of the WMS space medicine education course. His interests include aerospace medicine and wilderness medicine.


Richard Cole, Health and Safety Officer

Rick completed an emergency medicine and aerospace medicine residency in addition to an ultrasound fellowship. He practices emergency medicine and works for a NASA subcontractor where he served in multiple roles including a flight surgeon for three International Space Station expeditions. He is co-author of the current Space Medicine Chapter in Auerbach’s Wilderness Medicine textbook. Rick has served as the member-at-large of the Society of NASA Flight Surgeons, is an Associate Fellow of the Aerospace Medicine Association (AsMA), and has received numerous NASA awards.


Dana Levin, Health and Safety Officer

Dana is an Emergency Medicine Physician in Houston, Texas and currently training as a resident in Aerospace Medicine with UTMB. He Graduated Drexel University College of Medicine and went on to residency at New York Presbyterian before moving south. Prior to his career in medicine he trained as a pilot and a dive master and continues to pursue research interests in space and aviation medicine. He is also director of the Exploration Medicine podcast.


Phillip Jones, Astronaut Strength Condition & Rehabilitation Specialist

Phillip is an Emergency Medicine Physician in Omaha, Nebraska, at the University of Nebraska College of Medicine, where he is an instructor for the EM residency.  Medicine in wilderness and austere environments has long been an interest, and since medical school he has been traveling to remote places to further this passion.  Previous experiences have taken him to the jungles and barrier reef of Belize and volcanos of Guatemala.  He enjoys sharing this passion with others, slipping in travel stories or presenting environmental medicine topics whenever he can.  Phillip enjoys staying fit for his adventures by training for whatever half-marathon is next on the calendar.



Lorna Workman, Morale Officer

Lorna is an anaesthesiologist in Sydney Australia and full on space nerd. She got her medical degree in London before moving to Australia looking for adventure and has been there for the last 9 years. She completed a subspecialty fellowship in Medical Education and Simulation and has a keen interest in aerospace and aviation medicine. She has a penchant for organising fancy theme parties and is looking forward to getting her private pilots license.


Douglas Krohn, Engineering Officer

Doug is an anesthesiologist from Fort Collins CO.  In a previous lifetime prior to medicine, he was an aerospace engineer at Nasa JSC. This fostered his interest in space.  Over the years he has developed an interest in high power model rocketry with a goal of having a successful flight over 100k ft.   Although his chance at a career in aerospace medicine has probably past his interest has not.


Sean Serell, XO

Sean is an anesthesiologist practicing in private practice in Fort Collins, CO.  He received his medical degree from Georgetown University and completed his residency in anesthesiology at the University of Washington where he trained under Thomas Hornbein, who was part of the original American expedition to summit Everest.  Being involved with WMS has rekindled a desire for providing medical services in remote and austere locations.  Additional interests include amateur high power rocketry and founding a company, Safe Rx, to provide safer medication storage for medications of potential abuse.  He has also piloted 2 flugtag Red Bull aircraft to first place finishes and has a Star Destroyer climbing wall in his home.


Dean Aubin, Journalist

Dean is an emergency physician practicing in Allen, TX (just north of Dallas). While initially starting life as a computer scientist, he ultimately changed direction and went on to receive his medical degree from Texas Tech University and completed his residency in emergency medicine in Baton Rouge/New Orleans. He was a victim of The Right Stuff and Top Gun, dreaming of being a fighter pilot and astronaut since childhood.


Danielle Carroll

Danielle is a General Surgery resident at UC San Diego, in Southern California. She completed her bachelor’s and medical degrees at the University of Virginia; between college and medical school, she served as an officer on active duty in the United States Air Force, where she flew high-performance jet aircraft. On the civilian side, she maintains her CFII, MEII, commercial, tailwheel, and seaplane flight ratings; she is also a certified Advanced Open Water diver and avid mountain climber. Hobbies include playing soccer, running in the rain, and hosting for Airbnb. Primary academic interests include aerospace medicine and advancement of surgical technology/capabilities in austere environments.


Rich Bishop, Crew Mechanic

Rich is a retired Emergency Medicine physician.  He graduated from a premed program at Penn State and attended medical school at Hahnemann Medical College where he met his wife, Poni, over a cadaver one day one.  He practiced emergency medicine at a tertiary medical center/trauma center for forty years.  He grew up watching Captain Video and has always had stars in his eyes.


Poni Bishop, GreenHab Officer

Poni is a retired E.R. doc after practicing for 35 years.  Her main interest is in aeroponics for providing fresh food in hostile environments. After 10 years retirement the medical useful retained thought processes have deteriorated exponentially yearly, but she is rediscovering the fascination of a extraworldly activities for nutrition / physiology.

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