Crew 220

Dr. Susan Ip-Jewell, Astro-Wellness Officer.
Dr. Susan Ip-Jewell is the co-founder of AvatarMedic and Mars Academy USA. Through MAU, she has conducted medical missions in austere environments that include Nepal, MDRS, and soon, Everest. She is passionate about applying exponential and medical technologies to serve those in extreme environments.
MDRS Crew:
Dr. Shawna Pandya, Commander, MDRS Station.
Commander Pandya is a veteran of the Mars Desert Research Station, having rotated through Crew 193 in the 2018 season as the Health and Safety Officer. She has also participated in an underwater analog mission in the same capacity. She very much looks forward to participating in the first-ever MAU-MDRS Station-to-Station mission as Commander of the MDRS side.
Dr. Johannes Svensoy, Executive Officer, MDRS.
Dr. Svensoy is a general practitioner who specializes in rural emergency medicine. His adventures and travels have taken him all over, including Myanmar where he worked in trauma surgery and also earned an MSc in Disaster Medicine. He looks forward to serving as Executive Officer this mission.
Dr. Connie Delisle, Health and Safety Officer/Journalist, MDRS.
Dr. Delisle holds a multi-disciplinary background in social and environmental sciences and has successfully completed high-altitude expeditions. She has co-founded an exponential finance technology company to fund high-impact green and social projects. She is thrilled to bring her experience to the joint MAU-MDRS mission, but equally keen to learn more about the Mars environment.
Marufa Bhuiyan, GreenHab Officer/Astronomer, MDRS.
Marufa is uniquely passionate about astronomy and holds a background in aerobics. She holds MSc degrees in Electrical Engineering and Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. She has spent her life in Bangladesh and Hawaii. This is her first analog mission.
Lee Roberts, Crew Engineer, MDRS.
Lee Roberts is a commercial pilot and an avid outdoorsman. He is passionate about Mars exploration and keen to further human exploration by partaking in his first MDRS Mission as Crew Engineer.
Alyx Skywalker, Crew Scientist, MDRS.
Alyx holds a BS in Mechanical
Enginerering and is currently completing a second BS in Space Studies. She is passionate about space exploration and is excited to partake in her first analog mission at MDRS.
MAU Crew
John Hanacek, Commander, MAU.
John has previously served as Crew Engineer during a Vasquez Rocks mission with MAU. John is CEO AvatarMedic, and is passionate about bringing technology to resource-limited environments to help serve the populations in those locales. He hopes to bring this background to the MAU-MDRS Mission.
Jasleen Josan, Crew Engineer, MAU.
Jasleen Josan holds a BE in Aeronautical/Aerospace Engineering and Masters degrees in Space Science and Aeronautics, with a specialization in Commercial Space Operations and Space Safety. She is a veteran of multiple MAU missions, both as medical support and as an analog astronaut. She is excited to bring her experience to her first MDRS mission.
Morgan Kainu, Crew Scientist/Geologist/Journalist, MAU.
Morgan Kainu is a veteran of 3 MAU Missions, and holds a BA in anthropology. She is a certified applied anthropologist, conducting in situ habitat research pertaining to human usage of analog habitats. She hopes to use this research for future long-duration exploration missions.
Matt Wise, Health and Safety Officer & Inter-Station Liaison – MAU.
Mr. Wise is a former Green Beret, serial entrepreneur, communications engineer and tinkerer. He is passionate about exploration and moving humanity closer to becoming an interplanetary species. This is his first MDRS mission and he will help the MDRS and MAU stations link up with one another.
Grace Graham, Intern.
Grace is a Brooke Owen’s Fellow and an entrepreneur who started her own macronutrient food business while she was still in high school. She is passionate about nutrition and equally passionate about bringing her knowledge to the MAU-MDRS mission.
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