Management Team

MDRS Mission Support and Management Team

Dr. Robert Zubrin, President of the Mars Society

Dr. Shannon Rupert, Director

Atila Meszaros, Assistant Director

David Mateus, Intern/Interim Assistant Director

Carie Fay, Director of Administration

Michael Stoltz, Liaison, Media & Public Relations

James Burk, IT Director, The Mars Society.  Webmaster of MDRS website.

Dr. Peter Detterline, Director of Observatories/Astronomy Team Coordinator

Dr. Jonathan Clarke, Science Advisor

Scott Davis and NorCal Chapter, Spacesuits

David Murray, GreenHab Manager

Gael Mariani, CapCOM Coordinator

Bernard Dubb, CapCOM Deputy Coordinator/IT Manager

Susan Holden, MBA, JD, Steering Committee Member

Kay Radzik AIA, Advisor at Large