Crew 223

Aurélien MURE – Commander

Currently intern for the Space Advanced Concept Laboratory, I develop a virtual reality model of a lunar crater for astronaut training. I have chosen to take a gap year in order to be involved in the aerospace research and especially human spaceflight. Thanks to this gap year, I will be able to be part of a second MDRS mission. My experience from MDRS 206 gave me the will to command this crew and to help them fulfill this amazing experience. Onboard the station, my role will be to control the good advancement of the scientific purposes but also to take care of every member of the crew. Mediation, planification and safety are the main challenges for the commander.


Florian DELPECH – Astronomer

Native of the city of Dax in the South West of France, I spent two years studying intensively Math and Physics in Bordeaux before entering ISAE-SUPAERO in Toulouse because of my passion for aeronautics and space. Holder of an ultralight trike license and a parachuting license, I always enjoyed looking at the world from the sky to take a step back and realize how small we look from up there. Thinking of that more widely, to my mind, the XXIst century will be the space exploration age: an exhilarating adventure, very demanding regarding technology, but that will encourage humans to surpass themselves. Thus, this simulating mission into the Mars Desert Research Station is a first step towards a future Mars human expedition. It will be for me the opportunity, as an astronomer, to monitor solar activity and observe multiple celestial bodies such as galaxies or star clusters. Indeed, on the red planet, keeping ourselves protected from harmful solar radiations and keeping an eye on the surrounding universe will be indispensable!


Marion LEBRUN – Crew scientist

Like many of my Club M.A.R.S. mates at ISAE-SUPAERO, I tend to often have my head in the stars! This is why I chose the city of Toulouse for my engineering studies – because space was very appealing to me. I love to travel the world (and soon beyond!) but sport is another very important part of my life that truly gives her joy and a feeling of fulfillment. I like personal challenges and find them in endurance disciplines such as swimming, running and triathlon. When I came to ISAE-SUPAERO, I decided to join the Club M.A.R.S. for both its activities of popularization of science in underprivileged schools of Toulouse, and its analogue Mars mission which enables me today to make a childhood dream come true. During the mission, I will be the crew scientist. It is a role that fits me well since, despite my engineering studies, I have always been interested in living things and, particularly, in the way humans are influenced by the environment they live in.


Valentin BELLEMIN-LAPONNAZ – GreenHab Officer

Passionate about spatial exploration, I am an adventurer seeking evasion. I am satisfying his desires in the Pyrenean mountains, where I do mountaineering. But most of the time I observe the sky dreaming about interstellar travels. My passions pushed me to get involved in Mars Analog Research and Simulation of ISAE- SUPAERO, in which I became president. In Mars 2020, I will be part of MDRS mission, because I want to spend time for Mars exploration research.


Luc FORTIN – Crew Engineer

Dreaming of being an aircraft pilot, occasional flight attendant, I am fascinated by the sky. Delighted to be in the air, I chose to study at ISAE-SUPAERO to develop my aeronautical knowledge. Thanks to courses and student associations, I have now a great interest for space, especially for the manned flights thematic. Always looking for new and exotic experiences, this mission is for me the dreamed opportunity to blend passion, technicality, team work, change of scenery and personal development. I will occupy the post of engineer.


Clément PLAGNE – Journalist

An eternally curious dreamer, I have always been fascinated by the history of space exploration, and I am enthusiastic about its future. Born in the countryside of Normandy and now an aerospace engineering student at ISAE-SUPAERO in Toulouse, France, my interest for science has not taken me away from my artistic endeavours: an amateur photographer and occasional writer, I am eager to put my skills to use in the Mars Desert Research Station. This set of capacities has helped me obtain a place in the MDRS as a Crew Journalist, a role I felt was the most suited to me. Through my daily tasks, I will have the chance to connect with my crewmates’ work and report on our life on the Red Planet, and begin to live the dream of living on another world.


Blandine GORCE – Health and Safety Officer

Born in a small village in the east of France, I have always been fascinated by space and willing to go see the stars closer. After 3 years of classes préparatoires, I entered ISAE-SUPAERO, the school I had been dreaming of for several years. I joined the club MARS and I will participate in the 223 crew as the health officer, role that fits me because I am very interested in biological science and human body studies. I will take this opportunity to study the effect on relaxation on the organism while in a complicated and stressful environment. I have always been really motivated for every kind of activity as shows my investment in different clubs of the school: the Handball team and the Student Association.


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