Journalist Report – January 14th

[Sol 02] [Interstellar]

The day began with the farewell and boarding of the Crew 186 in their spaceship to our planet and old sweet home, Earth. From this dawn we became Martians coming from distant lands between each other: Peru, Colombia and Mexico, but in this desert planet we only represent the Earth and some of its forms of life.

We grew up thinking that astronauts only eat tubes of dehydrated food but on this trip to Mars we discovered that macaroni with cheese, tuna and chocolate cookies will also be part of our diet. Important: We receive food from the Russian Space Food Laboratory, thank you.

In our arrival to the habitat we have settled in our small rooms that barely reach a few square meters that daily will see us sleeping while thousands of stars shine in the sky and a body similar to the satellite of the Earth rises between the Martian mountains illuminating together with the Sun our mornings.

Today the habitat director showed us every corner of the station and the operation. Also we use of Spirit, Curiosity, Deimos, the Red ATV and the three Blue 350 vehicles to explore some roads and nearby lands. We also were showed the Science Lab and the solar observatory for in the next few days be able to use them.

When we returned to the habitat we made our first pressurization test where for five minutes we locked ourselves in the airlock to discuss which songs will be the ones that relax us during the minutes that the process will take. Apparently telling jokes will also be allowed.

Finally the night fell and after writing the reports and planning the activities of the next day we will sit down to eat pancakes and food experiments as well as continue knowing the pleasures and expectations of each crew member.

We hope to start our first EVA tomorrow morning and use our suits along with the helmets to train but not without first performing a morning exercise routine and taking a nutritious breakfast.

LATAM II will continue to inform.

Tania Robles, MDRS Crew 187 Journalist

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