EVA Report – January 18th

Crew 187 EVA Report 19JAN2018

Good evening Mission Support…!! Here is the EVA Report for 19JAN2018.

Purpose of EVA: Aerial mapping of MDRS campus

Participants: Danton, and Cynthia

Narrative: Today the crew had a short EVA. All the main goals were successfully attained. The EVA consisted of taking aerial and ground footage of the MDRS campus. The images were taken by the Spark drone used by the crew. The footage was taken at altitudes of 20, 25, 40 and 50 meters above ground level. Images will be provided with the daily reports. The EVA window requested was 2 hours, but the activity lasted 35 minutes. The two members of the expedition were using Exo Suits.

No incident or anomaly was sustained during the EVA.

Thank you so much…!!

Oscar Ojeda – EVA Officer

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