Sol Summary – January 22nd

Crew 187 Sol 10 Summary Report 22JAN2018

Sol 10

Summary Title: Bring it on home to me

Author’s name: Cynthia Fuertes Panizo

Mission Status: All nominal

Sol Activity Summary:

Houston… we have a problem!

Today we decided to wake up in order to rest for the EVA of today. Every Martian woke up in different hours. The majority of them were taking a breakfast at 08:15, but there is always someone who falls asleep and gets up late, at 9:30, and woke up only by the noise that made two earthlings who visited our home on Mars to fix the water heater and water filter. Due to this, 130 gallons of water were used today… Earth, we need more water to survive on Mars!

In the morning, Oscar was working in the programing phase of his project, and in the afternoon his rover was tested inside the tunnels. It’s magic how the rover can move through rocks, sands and can climb the tunnel’s walls. David and I were working in our projects in the Greenhab. Moreover, Atila is trying to fix the Science Dom’s door. At 10:35, every Martian were in the upper deck to help each other to prepare for the EVA of today. At 12:00, David, Atila, Luis and Danton were in the airlock ready for their adventure. However, at 12:47 Hab copied a radio signal from the Martian explorers. Due to the fact that Opportunity charger was getting down fast; in 18 minutes the battery got down more than 10% arriving until 64%. And prioritizing the safety of the crew’s members, it was decided to come back to the Hab. The decision taking was that the explorers got inside the Hab, ate a lunch, warmed up, and started again the EVA. Oscar cooked very quickly eggs with cheese for the Martian explorers of the day. For the second excursion, Deimos and two 350 ATV were being used. In the afternoon, Tania, Oscar and I cleaned the Kitchen and did a food inventory. We found some interesting food that we can eat in the following days. At 16:45 Hab didn’t know anything about the Martian explorers and we started to worry about it. At 16:56, Hab copied the first radio signal and we realized that every Martian was ok but something happened. At 14:50, the Martian explorers arrived to Copernicus Hwy. The Martians described the view as the best landscape that they have ever seen in their lives. At 13:50, the Martian explorers were ready to come back to home. At 16:45 Deimos stoped and the Martian worked together using jumping cables to tow Deimos, that’s why they arrived to Hab at 18:20. At 17:45, Shannon found the Martian explorers and helped them to solve the problem.

The day was a really crazy day… but come on! We are on Mars! We are Martians! And the important thing is that we knew how to solve it!

Ad Astra,

Cynthia Fuertes Panizo

Commander Crew 187 – MDRS

Look Ahead Plan:

We hope to have another adventure for tomorrow… We are going to Lith Canyon! The lucky Martians are Oscar, Tania, Cynthia and Danton.

Anomalies in work:

It’s the Sol Summary.

Crew Physical Status: Healthy

Reports to be filed: Sol Summary, GeenHab Report, Operations Report, EVA Request, Science Report, Astronomy Report and Journalist Report.

Support Requested:

Please send us more jumping cables and a refill of water.

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