Greenhab Report – January 25th

GreenHab Report

Hernán David Mateus Jiménez


Environmental control:


Ambient with door opening

Shade cloth on

Working Hour: 18:00
Inside temp at working hour: 14° C
Outside temp during working hours: 5° C
Inside temperature high: 30° C
Inside temperature low: 14° C
Inside humidity: 88 %RH

Inside humidity high: 88 %RH
Inside humidity low: 31 %RH

Hours of supplemental light:

For the crops 05:00 to 11:59 PM

Changes to crops: none

Daily water usage for crops: 8 gallons

Time(s) of watering for crops: 19:15

Changes to research plants: The plans of quinoa over the lysimeter are withered

Aquaponics: Atila is assembling it. He is waiting for the amount of water to fill the tank, this is necessary to do the test.

Narrative: none

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