Journalist Report – January 27th

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[Sol 15]

[A new Hope]

People say that good is for a short time. Two weeks, 15 sol have passed and now we are in the opposite place. The 188 crew has arrived on this planet. You will see them smile, sigh and miss as has happened with us.

But to get to this point of the day it is necessary to count the cleaning routine of today. 8 am, brooms and mops ready. Greenhab, Science Dome, Observatory and Hab ready. The suits and helmets in place, clean kitchen and suitcases made.

The International Space University team arrived and our work as hosts began. It’s time to show them the site, tips, ideas and warnings. When we finished we decided it was time for our first meal on Earth and their last meal before Mars in some peculiar Utah-style restaurant in the middle of a Martian road. Milkshakes, hamburgers, fries and chicken strips, the truth maybe is that we only want to recover the lost weight.

Back home the last night begins and the only thing left is to enjoy these hours. I write these final words surrounded by my favorites, planning new projects and collaborations. We do not want to lose ourselves back to Earth.

And now personal feelings but that are shared here as oxygen. This last part is dedicated to Attila, Cynthia, Danton, David, Luis and Oscar, my dear astronauts, my dear Martians.

Thank you for being like that, for laughing and enjoying this time. For being young but one of the most mature and intelligent people that you could know, for being sensitive, educated and so honest, for taking care of us and our humor along with the chocolates, for your madness, fun and friendship, for your nobility, solidarity and companionship, for your intelligence, character and food.

Thank you for allowing yourself to feel and open your minds and hearts to others. We will miss ourselves along with our defects, virtues, personalities and emotions.

Sometimes it happens that from those who least expect something you get the best results. Congratulations astronauts we achieve the goal, we fulfill the mission and now there is nothing left to do here. Soon we will return together or separately, in the near of distant future. Goodbye Mars, hello Earth!

LATAM II thanks all its collaborators and see you soon.

Tania Robles, MDRS Crew 187 Journalist

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