Sol Summary – January 28th

Crew 188 Sol 0 Summary Report 28JAN2018

Sol 0

Summary Title: Training for Mars
Author’s name: Ryan L. Kobrick, Ph.D., MDRS Crew 188 Commander
Mission Status: All nominal

Sol Activity Summary:
Today was a packed day starting with the early departure of Crew 187. The crew moved into the state rooms and conducted another water refill in the morning to Hanksville. Training with MDRS Director Shannon Rupert covered MDRS rules, philosophy, and key systems. The crew conducted an EVA test of the ATVs and Rovers in preparation for our simulation. The crew united by a common passion for sharing their experience has started sharing highlights with the common hashtag #MDRS188.

Spacesuit Up!
Ryan L. Kobrick, Ph.D.
MDRS Crew 188 Commander

Look Ahead Plan:
The crew will complete training tomorrow morning with the EVA spacesuit systems and general navigation of the local area. The "landing" and simulation will kick-off at approximately High Noon local time. The crew is planning two short EVAs with half the crew (3) on each. Each EVA will use hybrid driving/walking modes to familiarize the crew with nominal operations with the surface spacesuits. Reports and scientific projects will be prepared in the afternoon.

Anomalies in work:
MDRS Director is coordinating power system updates with contractors.
Robotic observatory currently not functional. MDRS Astronomy lead working problem.

A beautiful day. Cool and clear.

Crew Physical Status:
Some dry air dehydration symptoms. See HSO Report.

ATV/Rover training with Shannon.

Reports to file:
1. Sol Summary
2. Operations Report
3. Journalist Report
4. HSO Report
5. EVA Request
6. Daily Photos

Support Requested:
Creative request information will be coming.

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