EVA Report – January 29th

EVA #1

EVA Date: 29Jan2018

Health & Safety Officer Report

Purpose of EVA: Development of Situational Awareness for Spacesuit Activity

Location of EVA: South of Marble Ritual (walking), Pooh’s corner (vehicle)

UDM27 Coordinates: 518800 E, 4250600 N

Number of EVA Crew: 3

Crew Members Going on EVA: Ryan Kobrick (Commander), Sarah Jane Pell (Residence-in-Artist), Tatsunari Tomiyama (Health & Safety Officer)

ATV used: 1,2,3

ATV usage: 5 minutes

EVA Duration: 1 hour 7 minutes

EVA Departure Time: 13:30

EVA Return Time: 14:32

Time Check:

13:01 Prep Start + Simulation Start
13:25 Airlock
13:30 EVA Start
13:35 ATV Leave
13:40 Parked
14:02 Arrived Ritual Marbles
14:18 Return to Hub
14:27 Arrived Parking Lot
14:32 Airlock

Summary: Crews attempted EVA to develop situational awareness for space suit performance. We used 3 ATVs to travel to the targeting location; Marble Rituals. When we arrived at the nearest place on Pooh’s corner, we parked ATV and started to walk. We found a fossil and recent animal footprint soon. Once arrived, we take photos and investigated the location. Then, we returned to the Hub. Overall, there was no significant issue to this EVA and we enjoyed the first simulation.

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