EVA Report – February 1st

Crew 188 EVA #4 Summary Report 1FEB2018

Author’s name: Ryan L. Kobrick, Ph.D., MDRS Crew 188 Commander

Purpose of EVA: To test human endurance on a pedestrian EVA to Phobos Peak and test the 360 video capture in the field.

Location of EVA: Phobos Peak Rock
UDM27 Coordinates: 519260 E, 4250260 N
Number of EVA Crew: 3
Participants: Julia DeMarines (EVA CDR), Sarah Jane Pell, and Ryan Kobrick EVA Commander: Julia DeMarines Rovers used: none

Duration: 4 hours 14 minutes
EVA Departure Time: 10:44am
EVA Return Time: 14:12pm


The EVA had three primary objectives that were all completed today by the crew:
1 – sample potential “green” samples for Julia’s chlorophyll detection project with NASA Ames
2 – shoot Insta-360 Pro high definition footage for Sarah Jane’s Monash Immersive Visualization Platform project
3 – summit Phobos peak while collecting biometric data for Ryan’s EVA metrics study funded by Florida Space Research Program

The crew faced equipment challenges (see Sol 4 Summary Report) but was able to overcome and persevere to meet the mission goals. The investigators have high hopes for the data collected, but regardless experienced a true Martian adventure.

The crew walked to Phobos Peak with two stops to set up the 360 camera, one stop for sampling, and several stops for interesting formations. We summitted the mountain by scrambling up the West face (the side you can see form the Hab) with several safety stops to combat fogging and shoe repair issues. The international trio waved their 3 flags from the summit for a mini photoshoot from the Hab. On the walk back from the successful mission, the crew stopped for a rare opportunity to toss around a bouncy ball on Mars testing their reflexes, spacesuit glove dexterity and coordination. A radio was dropped near the end of the EVA, but using the GPS track the crew quickly recovered the valuable asset. [end]

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