Greenhab Report – February 1st

Crew 188 Sol 4 Green Hab Report 01February2018
Renee Garifi, Executive Officer, Guest writing for Julia De Marines (Crew Astronomer/GreenHab Officer) 01 February 2018
Environmental control: Heating
Ambient with door opening: Shade cloth on
Working hours in Green Hab: 09:00-09:30, 11:00 – 14:00, 18:00 – 19:00 Outside temp at working hour: 10ºC
Inside temp at working hour: 25ºC
Inside temp H: 35ºC
Inside temp L: 19ºC
Inside humidity: 47 %
Inside humidity H: 90%
Inside humidity L: 16%
Hours of supplemental light: 05:00 – 11:59
Changes to the crops: Rearranged and continued trimming back cucumber, tomato, and bean vines and stems. No harvesting today, will harvest tomorrow. Daily water usage for crops: 10 gallons
Time(s) of watering plants: 11:00 – 14:00 (5 gallons), 18:00 – 19:00 (5 gallons)
Changes to research plants: After an email from Atila, we will be monitoring the quinoa for sprouting.
Narrative: Julia showed Zac and I which plants to trim and move. We spent time working on the NASA VEGGIE OASYS plant growth prototype hardware which we have relocated to the west corner shelf of the GreenHab. We took photographs for the scientists at Kennedy Space Center. The final fill amounts for the reservoir chamber in the unit was 2200 mL of water and each seed pillow was filled with 100 mL of water to start. We will be growing Italian Basil and Salad Bar Lettuce. We were excited to share our progress with Julia when she returned from her EVA trek!

We spent some time trimming back the dead leaves on the plants on the west shelves and propping up some of the drooping tomato plants. I believe there is a plan to obtain more tomato cages which is needed for the high volume of tomato plants being grown.

Lastly, we moved the existing sun shade a little lower down to provide the plants in the middle and east sides of the GreenHab more relief from the direct sunlight.
Future needs and questions: Is there a plan for ordering an additional sun shade? We also need additional tomato cages. We received the gardening gloves. Thank you!!!

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