EVA Report – February 4th

Crew 188 EVA #8 Summary Report 4FEB2018

Author’s name: Tatsunari Tomiyama AHFP, Health & Safety Officer

Purpose of EVA: Collecting soil samples for the micrometeorite investigation and for chlorophyll sample collection on the Hab Ridge Road and Hab View.

Location of EVA: Hab Ridge

UDM27 Coordinates: 5175750E 54250500N

Number of EVA Crew: 3

Participants: Tatsunari Tomiyama, Julia DeMarines, Renee Garifi

EVA Commander: Tatsunari Tomiyama

Rovers used: None

Duration: 2 hours 22minutes

EVA Departure Time: 10:21am

EVA Return Time: 12:43pm


For this EVA, we followed the same foot pathway used on EVA#7. We tried to get to the same locations to collect samples for our micrometeorite investigation and for chlorophyll sampling. The EVA request originally stated we would take 4 hours. However, we planned in the briefing to shorten the length because the path was previously walked. The EVA was successfully completed and we collected samples during this EVA.

The EVA started at 10:21. The weather outside the Hab was nice and windy in this morning. There was no major issue climbing to the Hab Ridge Road. One crew member reported a minor headache at the top and rested for a while because the condition was due to the exercise. After contacting to the HabCOM around the north Hab view, we decided to stay 1 hour to collect samples for research which was a shorter time then we planned in our request. We performed the bubble experiment at both Hab view locations (south and north). On the way back to the Hab, we collected some trash nearby the Hab. Overall, we succeeded in our planned objectives.

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