EVA Report – February 6th

Crew 188 EVA #10 Summary Report 06FEB2018
Author’s name: Julia DeMarines, Crew Astronomer, Green Hab Operator

Purpose of EVA: Filming of artistic Performing Astronautics and Bending Horizons projects using the Insta360 Pro Camera.

Location of EVA: RC South Site Region
UDM27 Coordinates: 12 S 518293 E 4249791 N (waypoint taken on EVA009)

Number of EVA Crew: 3
Participants: Zac Trolley, Sarah Jane Pell, Julia DeMarines
EVA Commander: Sarah Jane Pell

Road(s) and routes per MDRS map:
1. Take East on Entrance Road (Driving)
2. Turn Right onto Cow Dung Road (Driving)
3. Park on Cow Dung Road behind filming area ridge
4. Walk to filming location in field

Mode of Travel: Rover and Pedestrian
Vehicles you will be using (if applicable): Curiosity and Spirit


EVA #10 arrived at our destination to the filming location on a very windy morning. We scouted the area out making sure this is where we wanted to film and if we could find a more wind-protected area to shield the Insta360º Pro camera. After some scouting we decided that the original location was ultimately the best location for Sarah Jane’s performance art. We discussed the choreography, set up the camera and then began recording. The first take was a success!

After completing Sarah Jane’s Performing Astronautics piece recorded using the Insta360º Pro, lovingly called Magpie, EVA 10 performed a science experiment in honor of the Falcon Heavy launch today. Julia acquired two small pop-top containers (that were once used for electrolyte tablets) and several alka-seltzer tablets. When small chunks of the alka-seltzer tablets are mixed with water in a closed container, gas builds up as does pressure. It took a few tries to get the ratio of water, air, and tablets correct, but once we did, we were able to launch our “Falcon Light” mini rockets! Our landing was not as graceful as the Falcon Heavy’s boosters returning in sync but we do believe our successful launch was 100% responsible for the success of the launch today as pop-rockets are known for their good luck and scientific opulence.

We will send photos and videos tomorrow.

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