EVA Report – February 9th

EVA #15 EVA Report 09Feb2018

Author’s name: Tatsunari Tomiyama AHFP, Health & Safety Officer

Purpose of EVA: To collect micrometeorite soil samples at the Tooth Ridge and take photo and video for the mission documentary.

Location of EVA: Toothy Ridge

UDM27 Coordinates: 12 S, 516871 E, 4255884 N

Number of EVA Crew: 3

Participants: Zac Trolley, Tatsunari Tomiyama, Renee Garifi

EVA Commander: Renee Garifi

Rovers used: ATV

1, 2, 3

Duration: 1hours 29minutes

EVA Departure Time: 14:16

EVA Return Time: 15:45


The objective of this EVA was to collect meteorite samples at the toothy ridge. We prepared and entered the airlock in timely manner. However, all crew members have issues breathing while walking. Therefore, we decided to return to avoid a critical incident. The details on our breathing issues for crew members will be reported in the operation report. Please reference the operation issue report as a detailed summary.

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