Astronomy – February 19th

Astronomy Report

Name: Benoit Floquet Crew: 189
date: 2018/02/19

Sky Conditions: The sky was clear during the window of observation. Before and after that it was cloudy

Wind Conditions: Quite a lot of wind but not that much during the window of observation.

Observation Start Time: 03:00 pm

Observation End Time: 03:30 pm

Summary: I went to the Musk Observatory to get a first experience with the telescope. I followed the instructions with success until I had to take a look at the Sun. It was not well aligned with the Sun Tracker but I couldn’t succeed to use the Hand control to make it right. Then I changed the set up ( time ) to get the Sun aligned and it was already to cloudy to take a good look…

Objects Viewed: none

Problems Encountered: I didn’t find the instructions to use the Hand control in order to move the telescope.

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