EVA Report – February 19th

Hello Graeme,

Here is our first EVA’s reports. We experienced a better weather than expected so that we were able to stay longer on the outside and visit the surroundings!

EVA Report:
EVA #1 Crew members: Louis Mangin (EVA leader), Jérémy Auclair, Alexandre Martin,

Location: Around the Hab 12S-518100E-4250700N
Near Pooh’s Corner: 12S-518900E-4250900N
Under Eastern Kissing Camel Ridge: 12S-518500E-4249700N
Top of Hab Ridge: 12S-517800E-4249700N
Zubrin’s head: 12S-519500E-4248100N

Time: departure at 2:00 p.m. Duration: 1 hour 50 minutes

– Find a location to deploy our two atmosphere study devices – First EVA logger in situ test
– Exploration and EVA training for newcomers
– First photos and videos shots

1:58 p.m.: EVA#1 left Airlock
2:01 p.m.: EVA left the Hab using Deimos & Opportunity
2:09 p.m.: Arrival on first place of interest: Pooh’s Corner 2:40 p.m.: Leaving Pooh’s Corner
2:50 p.m.: Arrival on second place of interest
3:00 p.m.: Climbing to the top of Hab Ridge (third place of interest) 3:25 p.m.: Getting back on the rovers
3:35 p.m.: Going to Zubrin’s head to shoot photos
3:50 p.m.: Getting back in the Hab


Louis Mangin
Crew 189 Commander

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