EVA Report – February 20th

EVA Report:

EVA #2 Crew members: Victoria Da-Poian (EVA leader), Jérémy Auclair, Gabriel Payen, Benoit Floquet

Location: – Around the Hab 12S-518100E-4250700N

Time: departure at 09:30 a.m. Duration: 2 hour 40 minutes

Narration: I was really happy to explore again the red cliffs with my new crew. Since this morning, everyone has experienced the EVAs. We managed to deploy one experiment (the MegaARES) but a small problem interrupted the LOAC deployment. We will fix it with Jérémy in order to try again tomorrow. Even if Gabriel had a very foggy helmet (fans problems), and everyone seems really happy and I have to say the photos Benoit took are really nice. During our EVA, we had a very nice teamwork. I am very proud of our common work and I am looking forward to going back to EVA with them.

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