EVA Report

Hello again CapCom,

Here is today’s EVA report:

EVA Report:
EVA #3 Crew members: Louis Mangin (EVA leader), Benoit Floquet, Laurent Bizien, Alexandre Martin

Author: Louis Mangin
Location: Around the Hab 12S-518100E-4250700N
Near Pooh’s Corner: 12S-518900E-4250900N
Cactus road: 12S-52200E-4252700N

Time: departure at 9:30 p.m. Duration: 2 hours

– Deploy the LOAC after reparation
– Check MegaARES status
– Explore around Cactus Road
– Shoot Media photos

We started by getting a lot of gear out of the engineering airlock: wastes, LOAC and tools. We then struggled to start the ATVs because of the coldness. When arrived on site, I had fog on my helmet because of the walk carrying the device, so that I didn’t see exactly chat happened, but while plugging the power wire, the power system overheated, and wires melted. I then disconnected the battery, but it was already too late. We evaluated then that only the power system was touched and apparently were right to guess so. Anyway, we packed everything back and went back to the hab to bring the sensor back. At the same time Benoit had checked the MegaARES and everything was fine there. After letting the broken LOAC in the engineering airlock, we headed to Cactus Road. We then climbed a hill, went to an entrance of Candor Chasma and shoot some group photos with our school’s banner. The fog intensified for the ones wearing the first version of the suits, and it was pretty cold, so that we headed back to the Hab early.

9:30 a.m.: EVA#3 left Airlock
9:40 a.m.: EVA left the Hab using two ATVs and one rover
9:45 a.m.: Arrival at place of interest
10:00 a.m.: Failure due to LOAC’s power system overheating
10:20 a.m.: Back to Hab to put back the LOAC
10:30 a.m.: Leaving the Hab to Cactus Road
10:40 a.m.: Exploration of Cactus Road surroundings
11:15 a.m.: Leaving Cactus Road
11:30 a.m.: EVA End

Louis Mangin

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