EVA Report – February 26th

Dear CapCom,

Here is the EVA Report:

26 Feb 2018

EVA #6 Crew members: Jérémy Auclair (EVA leader), Victoria Da-Poïan, Gabriel Payen, Alexandre Martin


– Near Pooh’s Corner: 12S-518900E-4252000N

– White Rock Canyon: 12S-520200E-4247500N

Time: departure at 09:09 a.m. Duration: 2 hour 13 minutes

Narrative: My first EVA as EVA leader went really well ! We changer the battery that powered the LOAC instrument (the old one was completely empty), we tested the battery powering the MegaARES instrument and confirmed it needed to be changed quickly (tomorrow). Otherwise both instruments are supporting the desert conditions perfectly. We then went to white rock canyon for exploration and photography. The walk went perfectly, the temperature was perfect, our reparations on the back packs prevented the apparition of fog on our helmets. We started to walk inside the canyon and on our way back we walk on the ridge (at a safe distance) to change the point of view. We finished the walk around 11am. Having nothing else to do we went back to the Hab to refill the ATVs and end the EVA. Everything went fine.


– LOAC: Maintenance – replacement of the battery

– MegaARES: Maintenance – Battery level test

– White Rock Canyon – Exploration and photography

Vehicles: 1 Rover (Curiosity), 2 ATVs (350.1, 350.2)

9:09 a.m.: EVA#6 left Airlock

9:15 a.m.: EVA left the Hab using Curiosity, ATVs 350.1 and 350.2

9:23 a.m.: Arrival on the working place

9:25 a.m.: Beginning of LOAC battery replacement and MegaARES battery test

9:35 a.m.: End of maintenance

9:40 a.m.: Beginning of the drive for White Rock Canyon

10:00 a.m.: Arrival at White Rock Canyon and beginning of walk

10:50 a.m.: End of walk and beginning of the drive back to the Hab

11:05 a.m.: Arrival at the Hab

11:15 a.m.: Entry in the Airlock



Commander of Crew 189

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