EVA Report – February 27th

EVA Report:

EVA #7 Crew members: Laurent BIZIEN (EVA leader), Benoît FLOQUET, Louis MANGIN, Gabriel PAYEN, Victoria DA-POIAN

Author: Laurent BIZIEN


Near Pooh’s Corner: 12S-518900E-4250900N

Hab surroundings

Time: departure at 2:12 p.m. Duration: 1h30 (shortened by 1h15)


  • Replace the battery of MegaARES
  • Train to emergency procedures


We started the EVA by splitting the involved members of the crew in two teams (we have learnt later by Shannon that it wasn’t something to do in EVA so I take the responsibility of such a decision error). Team red, composed of Victoria, Gabriel and Benoît took a Rover, Curiosity, and an ATV, 350.2. They went to Pooh’s Corner in order to change the battery of MegaARES and also checked the battery of LOAC instrument. At the same time, team blue, Louis and I, did the usual checks of the other Rovers (today, only Opportunity was there) and ATVs and of the water tanks. We also tried to inflate the tires of ATV 350.1. We didn’t succeed for the front left tire.

Team red quickly returned and we could start the emergency procedures. On the morning, I had made a speech to the other members of the crew about the emergency procedures some future marsonauts could encounter in EVA.

We started with a basic situation. One person simulating a health problem and another person to make a review. After a few instances, we followed up on emergency transportation. To do so, we brought Curiosity next to a person simulating a victim. The exercise’s goal was to transport the victim up to the Rover, from different ways depending of the victim’s injury. Finally, we performed realistic injury cases (bone traumatism, unconsciousness, respiratory arrest…) leading to emergency transportation and LSPs in the Rover’s trunk.

Realizing that the emergency procedures in EVA were very limited due to the lack of ability to move of the backpacks and of the helmets, we decided to return to the Hab. We carried Victoria into the main airlock and Gabriel stayed with her while Louis, Benoît and I went back to the Hab by the engineering airlock in order to simulate an emergency return.

2:12 p.m.: EVA#7 left Airlock

2:15 p.m.: Team red left the Hab

2:20 p.m.: Team red’s arrival at Pooh’s corner

2:30 p.m.: Team red’s leaving from Pooh’s corner

2:35 p.m.: Team red’s arrival at the Hab

2:40 p.m.: Beginning of the emergency procedures

3:40 p.m.: End of the emergency procedures

3:45 p.m.: EVA#7 back in the Hab

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