Sol Summary – February 27th

Crew 189 Sol Summary Report 27 Feb 2018

Sol 9

Summary Title: The day of emergency procedures

Author: Victoria Da-Poian

Mission Status: All nominal

Sol Activity Summary: This morning, after a small issue of alarm (1 hour late on our usual wake up), we had a nice physical training (I was really motivated and did a really nice session!). After our breakfast, Laurent (our HSO) gave us a briefing about the emergency procedures. The afternoon was dedicated to use all this theory during EVA. Louis, Benoit, Gabriel, Laurent and I went outside the Hab to simulate all these emergency procedures. After this interesting EVA, we spent one hour doing the human factors experiment of Gabriel. (I think I am already addicted to this game, and playing with Laurent and Alex is really fun).

Look Ahead Plan: We were already all busy the first days of our second week. Tomorrow, we will all work on our experiments and will not go to EVA. At the end of this week, we will welcome a French journalist and everyone seems happy to see a new face. We will all work on our experiments and have our routine (physical training in the morning, human factors experiments, bread competition…)

Anomalies in work: Water leak in the Hab Lower deck

Weather: Nice and really warm

Crew Physical Status: Fine, still a bit tired from the first week

EVA: 7th

Reports to be file:




Greenhab Officer


Support Requested: None

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