EVA Report – April 2nd

EVA Report

EVA #10 – 2 Apr 2018 – Sol9
Crew members: Yusuke Murakami (EVA leader), Fumiei Morisawa, Makoto Kawamura

– Operational check
– Sample the water of the white tank and the black tank
– Empty the water of the white tank and move to the RAM

10:37 – Entering the airlock
10:40 – Operational EVA start
11:17 – Entering into RAM’s Airlock
11:20 – Entering RAM
11:21 – Open the shutter of RAM
11:29 – Put the white tank inside RAM
11:36 – Entering the airlock of the HAB
11:39 – Entering the HAB

This morning we decided to cancel EVA#9 (Venzha’s CEMs Project) because we had the water tank problems. After the daily operational check, we checked and sampled the water inside the white tank and the black tank. Shannon had already pumped out almost all of the water this morning, we fully emptied the water from the white tank. After that we measured the size of the tank and also the shutter of the RAM. It seemed that the tank could be pass into the RAM through the shutter. So we tried it, and did it. So now we got a choice to clean the tank without breaking the SIM later on.

– none

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