Crew Photos – April 03rd

SOL Essay (Photo description)
03 Apr 2018

Sol 10
Yusuke Murakami (Commander)

After the EVA #9 team had left the HAB, Yusuke and Makoto started an operational EVA with a brush, towels, cleaner, and water for washing. We had already put the contaminated white tank inside the RAM on SOL9. As you know “RAM” is an abbreviation of the “Repair and Assembly Module”, but it never used as a purpose. So, today is the Memorial Day of RAM! Yusuke and Makoto got down into the tank only with underwear and cleaned it. Sometime they need to put their head out of a narrow mouth of the tank for breathing as a seal. We couldn’t complete cleaning the tank during this EVA, but almost done. The operation never realized without RAM. Thanks RAM!!!
Related to the water problem, we also cleaned up the water pump. So we are in progress of preparing for the clean water to our HAB now.
In EVA #9, Venzha did recording for his project CMEs again, but in another place and setting in another way. As a result, he was able to get very different sound from last time.

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