EVA Report – April 05th

EVA Report

EVA #15 – 5th April 2018 – Sol 12
Crew members: Kai Takeda (EVA leader), Makoto Kawamura, Venzha Christ

– Observing plants and lichens

13:32– Entering the airlock
13:35–Depressurize finished, Operational check started
13:55–Leaving the Hab, EVA started by pedestrinan
14:25–Arriving at destination(Merble Ritual)
15:01–Leaving Merble Ritual
15:01 – Back to the Hab
15:30 – Enter the Airlock
15:33 – Pressurize finished

I fulfilled my dream of observing plants and lichens around MDRS.
It is really thanks for my crew mate. The purpose of EVA was to examine psychological influence from plants to EVA members through observing plants. As a method of observing plants, we drew pictures of plants. I will send a questionnaires to EVA members about their change of interest in plants later on.

– None

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