EVA Report – April 06th

EVA Report

EVA #16 – 6 Apr 2018 – Sol13
Crew members: Yusuke Murakami (EVA leader), Miho Tsukishiro, Fumiei Morisawa, Kai Takeda (HABCOM)

– Operational check
– Scouting EVA by the Officers
– The SIM finish ceremony of Crew191

10:18 – Entering into the airlock
10:21 – Depressurize finish, Operational check
10:29 – EVA start
13:02 – Put the HABCOM Radio into the Airlock
13:04 – Depressurize start of the Airlock
13:07 – Depressurize finish, Switch the HABCOM to EVA team
13:12 – Pressurize start of the Airlock
13:15 – Pressurize finish, HAB Crew entering into the Airlock
13:19 – Pressurize start of MARS
13:22 – Back to the Earth: Our SIM finish

Today’s EVA is a kind of a party given in appreciation of the our officers of Crew191 (Miho, Fumiei) service from the commander (Yusuke). Because Miho and Fumiei have withstood heavy pressure during this mission. Their expressions showed that this EVA will be a pleasant memory for the officers and of course for the commander. Yusuke was beside oneself with taking a officers’ picture with his camera. Their expression was so beautiful. After the EVA, we performed an closing ceremony of our SIM. Please read the operations above, then you could imagine our tricks!! We are all safely back to the Earth.

– Spirit (Miho), Curiosity (Yusuke), Deimos (Fumiei)

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