Commander Report – April 9th

Mission Commander’s Report 4/9/18 SOL 1

I am exceptionally proud of this crew and the simply herculean efforts to get into simulation for this all too important mission of discovery through adversity. After effecting repairs to the habitat, we started SIM at ~1515 and after a team meeting commenced our first EVA. The crew has improvised scientific and information gathering experiments which do not require IRB approval on short notice in light of the loss of our science advisor and the scientific suite.

The crew has settled into a superior communication routine using a white board. After each evening meal we plan the next days endeavor as well as the meals including who is cooking and what the menu items are. We also plan what photo opportunities are requested such that we can have superior outreach using social media and other platforms to raise awareness of our mission.

The crew has volunteered as a long-term goal for this mission to assist in the cleaning of the water tank on the trailer. We will make EVAs to assess and attempt to clean during EVA with the final re-sanitizing completed in the RAM.

Sprits are high and the crew is in a great mood.

LEARNED – We learned that the EVAs are difficult work as the suits truly hamper mobility.

IMPRESSED – I was impressed with the Doctor (Ashok – Blue 02) as he cooked a terrific curry-based meal and still passed out surveys for the crew and took body measurements while continually looking after the crew.

POA&M – (Plan of Action and Milestones) – We intend to perform a few more EVAs tomorrow and make a training schedule for the crew to learn about decompression in space suits, psychological crew selection as well as radiation exposure and mitigation factors. Yuri’s night is forthcoming and we are planning some activities to celebrate the first man in space.

THANK YOU to Ms. Shannon for help getting us into SIM.

~Dituri Sends (Blue 00)

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