Commander Report – April 10th

Mission Commander’s Report – SOL 2 – 10 April 2018

Author: Joe Dituri

With our morning EVA complete, we are formulating a plan for future EVAs and an effort to find our science suite and remnants of our science advisor. On our evening EVA, we were super excited to find a plaque card with our fallen science officer’s name on it. This renewed our optimism to find our science module in parts and salvage some of the science. The doctor continues to weigh the entire crew before and after EVA. So far most of the crew loses 1-3 lbs of body water per EVA depending upon duration. The doctor has continued to push fluids on the crew at all times for optimal health. He is also doing Skeletal muscle measurements for glycogen storage. We are performing isometric handgrip study prior to EVA to evaluate dexterity, numbness and comfort using EVA gloves. Yesterday we also started the well-being surveys. XO has started study to mitigate fogging of visors. Tomorrow the XO will submit an intermittent science report which will further detail science.

The crew played “Cards Against Humanity” last night. It served the purpose of lightening the mood after a hard day’s work. In the morning everyone woke refreshed and ready to start the day. The morning EVA served its purpose to indoctrination the three-person team for EVAs. The team explored the ridge to the east and found evidence of water as well as animal tracks.

The crew has worked up a plan to clean the water tank on the trailer. We took some of the EVA time to assess what was required to clean. We intend on rolling itinto the RAM tomorrow AM.

On the lighter side…some of the crew with longer hair compared dry shampoos and leave in conditioners and agreed to exchange product for a direct comparison taking into account a decreased ability to use water. Those participants who have insufficient hair to participate in the cross functional study will act as control group. Additionally hair constraint methods were discussed to reduce hair from being caught in the helmet

The crew took a great picture this morning with our red noses one and all to take a stand against childhood hunger. We were thinking about sending starving children some dehydrated food. Spirits are high and the crew is in a great mood.

LEARNED – We learned that the one-piece EVA suits have less mobility in the forward bending direction but they have different pressure points than the two-piece suit.

EVAs that involve a large amount of hiking should be limited to two or maybe two and a half hours unless there is supplemental water.

South of Kissing Camel Ridge, comms go out and you cannot get in touch with the hab.

IMPRESSED – I was impressed with the XO (Richard – Blue 01) as he led the EVA team and noticed the communication microphones were ill fitted. He devised a non – permanent alteration for the microphones which mimics a boom microphone and increased the effective communication. BRAVO ZULU to the XO.

POA&M – (Plan of Action and Milestones) – We are going to attempt to explore the Kissing Camel area where the science module plaque was found. We now have a training schedule for the crew to learn about decompression in space suits and psychological crew selection as well as radiation exposure and mitigation factors. Yuri’s night is the 12th of April and we made an attempt at planning some fun albeit limited.

~Dituri Sends (Blue 00)

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