EVA Report – April 10th

EVA Report

EVA #2 – 10Apr2018 – Sol 2

Crew members: Richard Blakeman, Ashok Narayanamoorthi, Victoria Varone

– Further explore Marble Ritual site
– Document EVA
– Examine third water tank for state of cleanliness and usability.

0815 Begin EVA
0830 Arrive at Marble Ritual
0900 Explore surrounding areas
1000 Return to hab site
1015 Examine third hab water tank
1030 Head back inside hab

Today was the crew’s second EVA of our mission. Three crew members (out of 5) went to explore a nearby site and surrounding areas, obtaining a lot of documentation of interesting geologic structures and formations and searching for possible signs of life in the reddish dirt. To head back to the hab, we traveled a little further with our vehicles to check out the landscape and utilized a turning point to turn back around. Upon arriving back at the hab, the rest of our crew inside requested that we take a quick survey of our third water tank to prepare it for being moved and cleaned. After that, we went back into the hab lunch.

1. Spirit Rover
2. Opportunity Rover
3. Blue ATV #3


EVA Report

EVA #3 – 10Apr2018 – Sol 2

Crew members: Joe Dituri, Andreaa Radulescu

– Explore a new site
– Search for missing science experiments

1630 – Entering the airlock
1635 – Move third water tank to RAM
1645 – Lock RAM and proceed to EVA
1730 – Arrive at Camel Ridge
1830 – Leave Camel Ridge
1900 – Arrive back at the hab

Today’s afternoon EVA was an opportunity to explore the Martian surface a little further than we did the day before. First, we completed a task for the crew, which was to move the third external water tank into our RAM for cleaning during our next few EVAs. After locking it inside the RAM, we headed out onto the Martian surface to an area called Kissing Camel Ridge, where we hiked for the majority of our EVA. We ended up finding a small badge of our missing crew member and decided to hike further in the area. The hike used up a lot of our energy, so we capped off our EVA at a little over two hours and headed back to the hab.

1. Red ATV
2. Blue ATV #3

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