Commander Report – April 13th

Happy Friday the 13th CAPCOM….Today we had two scheduled EVAs. We aborted one EVA due to a miscommunication on our part with mission control. Communication delays and network issues will always hamper us on Mars …we will persevere amd continue efforts to improve coms always.

The crew remains in good spirits and in my opinion a BUSY crew is a HAPPY crew. Since our EVA was aborted we took the opportunity to field day and straighten up the HAB. We organized the tool box placing tools correctly as written on outside of draws. (I know…a bit anal on our part…but everything has a place….) A few items of gear adrift were removed from the HAB and placed in pickup spot for mission control as directed by mission control.

We recieved answers to our request for maintenance and we will T/S the sink hot water as well as attempt a repair to the skirt on HAB. We removed and cleaned the moths / bugs from all upper deck light fixtures. It is so bright now…;*) We want to do all we can to improve the state of this living facility.

IMPRESSED: I am so impressed with our new call sign assignment of “Poison Ivy” for Andreea (Greenhab officer – Blue 03). She brought the garden back from a dry less productuve state (due to water issues last rotation) to a garden that continues to produce many small tomatoes despite our ability to consume them daily. BZ Poison Ivy….

LEARNED I learned that the internet is not reliable and I need to be much earlier to be proactive about weather.

POA&M We intend to perform two sets of EVAs tomorrow and if approved continue training crew and repairs to HAB. We may even be able to finish cleaning the water tank in the RAM and return to service for next crew. If approved we will also perform skirt repairs at end of EVA 2.

~Dituri sends

Warm Regards,

Joseph Dituri, PhD(c)
CDR, U.S. Navy Diving Officer (ret)
Director – IBUM

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