Commander Report


Great day of training / exploring.
Very productive EVAs continuing both our science (weight, muscle loss, suit fogging…) along with the work for Mars society…cleaning the water tank and removing the external skirt on the HAB.

The HAB skirt haa been removed “areas outside” our habitat. We will send a team and remove the skirt from the “inside areas” …for the purposes of our SIM ….at a later time and place on trailer along with other pieces. We cannot fit in area under fromt stairs in EVA suits so that area remains skirted.

Water tank needed some time to air out so doctor removed the cap and inspected. Intend to clean and put back on trailer early next week ready for service.

IMPRESSED: I continue to be impressed with the XO. He continues to be the voice of reason and chief moral officer. BZ Richard Blakeman.

LEARNED: Being a vegetarian by virtue of others around you being vegetarians…IS HARD. Yogi needs meat. Saw a cow on EVA….mmmmmm

POA&M….if approved by CAPCOM …would love to execute plan SCRAMBLE DOG.
Scramble dog consists of a half day “sleep in” partial day of rest for the crew ….XO and I are gonna make banana chocolate chip pancakes for the crew for beeakfast!!!!
Then… after noon …
medical training (short OJT by doctor) and a towing ATV exercise followed by movie night and an attempt at making dehydrated corn popcorn. Why NOT….;*)

Warm Regards,

Joseph Dituri, PhD(c)
CDR, U.S. Navy Diving Officer (ret)

Director – IBUM

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