Commander Report – April 15th

Terrific day of rest and training combined. Crew slept in and the pancakes were a big hit. We held extensive knot training on how and where to tie knots. The crew was maybe a little too enthused about tying things up… ;*)…..they all progressed to a single handed bowline rapidly. A simple life saving knot.

IMPRESSED: Great training and plan on the part of our Doc. (Blue 02- Ashok) He planned and executed a superb medical training plan without a hitch and everyone learned something.

LEARNED: Lessons from training include and are not limited to…reduce communication during work to that which is imperative because people need two hands to drive or work and it is difficult to respond when working if not essential. We need to do knot training regularly and we will every day. When towing an ATV heavy person should be on operating vehicle. We all learned….SLOW IS SMOOTH …AND SMOOTH IS FAST.

~Dituri sends

Warm Regards,

Joseph Dituri, PhD(c)
CDR, U.S. Navy Diving Officer (ret)

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