EVA Report – April 15th

EVA Report

EVA #9 – 15Apr2018 – Sol 7

Crew members: Richard Blakeman, Ashok Narayanamoorthi, Andreea Radulescu, Victoria Varone


To simulate a medical emergency requiring evacuation while on an EVA. Additional objective is to tow an ATV using an ATV.


Narrative: Two crew members went out on EVA and called in a medical emergency. The doctor was dispatched and an extra crew member stayed IVO the HAB to support the single crew member left inside the HAB or the doctor as required given a 5 person crew.

Upon RTB we faked an ATV with a problem which could not be fixed. The crew the practiced towing the ATV into the compound.

Blue ATVs #1 and #2, Rover Spirit

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