EVA Report – April 16th

EVA Report

EVA #10 – 16Apr2018 – Sol 8

Crew members: Joe Dituri, Abdreea Radulescu, Victoria Varone

To hike along the ridge and see the overview of the hab as well as compare fogging of suits with heavy exertion.


Narrative: Three crew members took a hike along walking path 1103. This was hard work and fogged the suits badly. We walked up the ridge and then proceeded to the far ridge to the west but we did not achieve it .



EVA #11 16 April 2018 – Sol 8
Crew Members: Richard Blakeman and Ashok Narayanamoorthi.

Objectives: Originally planned to explore south Lowell road and near route 1101. Scrubbed mission for safety and high winds.

Operations: 1500-1600

Narrative: Took Diemos Rover and put both crew in the rover to deliver the mouse to a distance far enough away so that he would not come back…

Diemos Rover

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