EVA Report – April 17th

EVA Report

EVA #12

17 Apr 2018 – Sol 8

Crew members: Richard Blakeman, Ashok Narayanamoorthi

Conduct an exploratory reconnaissance of 1101 weather permitting. Additionally, continue anti-fogging experiments under varying exertions.


Narrative: We proceeded through the route 1101 and were cautiously treading the path in the ATV. We went past the ridges all the way to the fence. Enroute hiked over the ridges and did coms check across the line of sight. Evaluated ATV riding in spacesuit with incremental difficulty in driving.

Blue ATVs #1 and #3


EVA #13

17 April 2018 – Sol 8

Crew Members: Joe Dituri, Andreea Radulescu

Objectives: To explore the east ridge near white moon road 1572 and to the east. There was some indication that part of our science projects crashed there. Also we will be testing two piece vs. one piece suits for longer duration missions.


Narrative: We proceeded north on Lowell but did not see a sign for 1572….We missed it but turned around and found what we think was 1572. Explored the east side and this is the most red section similar to what Mars may look like. Great area. We also explored the area slightly south of that road and east. Need to explore north of that road because it gets more dramatic there.

Red ATV and Blue ATV #2

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