EVA Report – April 18th

EVA Report

EVA #14

18 Apr 2018 – Sol 10

Crew members: Richard Blakeman, Ashok Narayanamoorthi, Victoria Varone
– Exploration reconnaissance of Lith Canyon Region for geology and terrain accessibility.
– Continue research on anti-fogging treatments by switching from two-piece spacesuits to one-piece spacesuits.
– Test hydration pack



Performed an exploratory reconnaissance of Lith Canyon Region (Route 1106) to conduct geologic survey and collect imagery. Additionally, evaluated spacesuit visors for fogging study as well as conducted operational field testing of an experimental hydration system. Conducted preliminary terrain reconnaissance of Murphy Canyon region to pass vital information to upcoming EVA for follow up crew.

Rovers Spirit, Deimos, and Curiosity


EVA #15

18 April 2018 – Sol 10

Crew Members: Joe Dituri, Andreea Radulescu

Objectives: Take Lowell Rd till we got to the base of 1106. We the proceeded south and walked the ridge line until the end.


Narrative: This is absolutely the most beautiful part of the exploration. We walked to the end of the ridge…made our way down to the basin…Then proceeded down the water spill way which was another 30-50 feet down. Proceeding south we followed the water spillway until it turned almost due west…then proceeded north and then proceeded NW up the water spillway. We basically encircled Murphy’s Canyon as marked on the map in total. Almost 5 miles of hiking and several hundred foot change in elevation.

Rover Opportunity with two crew in it

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