Sol Summary – April 19th

Crew 192 Sol Summary Report 19Apr2018

Sol 11

Summary Title:

Author: Victoria Varone

Mission Status: Nearing it’s completion, we’ve begun field day work to present the hab in the best possible condition for the next crew.

Sol Activity Summary: A wonderful morning EVA across Hab Ridge Road capped off our intense EVAs for our mission, where we hiked along the beautiful ridge and collected some data on helmet fogging inside our spacesuits.

We climbed down and took some great photos of the beautiful sites and structures on our way back to the hab.

Upon returning, we had lunch and then executed a short engineering EVA to finish up some close-out tasks for the end of our mission and the incoming Crew 193.

Look Ahead Plan: Planning a few wrap up EVAs to collect last bit of Data. Getting the hab ready for Crew 193.

Anomalies in Work: None

Weather: Cool in the morning, then warm and sunny, ending with clouds in the afternoon.

Crew Physical Status: All crew are physically healthy and safe.

EVA: See EVA Report.

Reports to be filed: Sol Summary Report, EVA Report, Photo Report, Commander’s Report, GreenHab Report, Journalist Report

Support Requested: None

Maintenance request: See Operations Report

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