Sol Summary – April 21st

Crew 192 Sol Summary Report 21Apr2018

Sol 13

Summary Title: Prepare for Departure

Author: Victoria Varone

Mission Status: Nominal

Sol Activity Summary: We welcomed Crew 193 to the hab and gave them an introduction and orientation to Mars life.

Look Ahead Plan: Departure and adjusting to life back on Earth.

Anomalies in Work: None

Weather: Beautiful

Crew Physical Status: All crew are physically healthy and safe.

EVA: None

Reports to be filed: Sol Summary Report, Operations Report, GreenHab Report

Support Requested: Please remove Joe, Ashok, and Andreea from Mission Support emails. Keep Victoria and Richard on for the duration of Crew 193’s rotation.

Maintenance request: New lock for Musk Observatory and fluorescent lights for lower deck of hab.

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