EVA Report 1 – April 24th

Sol 2 Crew 193 EVA 4 Summary

Earth-Date April 24 2018

EVA Gold Crew Members – Gold001 (XO Campbell) / Gold004 (HSO Pandya) (Informally: “Team Canada”)

EVA Objectives – Summary

Exploration of Phobos Peak, KIssing Camel Ridge East & West – Accomplished

Scouting and Mapping of Emergency Shelter Sites – Mapped, see below

EVA Comfort, Well-Being, Safety and Optimization Study

Visor Fogging Study – Data collected



ATVs Used

Manual gear-shift (red)

Blue ATV #2

All blue ATVs require fuel; planned for refueling at end of EVA, ran out of time. Will refuel before next use.

Safety Measures & Preparation

Sunscreen/Sun protection – Yes/Medical Exemptions for UV eye-protection provided

Adequate hydration – Yes

Adequate protection – Flightsuit/footwear/visor/glove precautions – Yes

EVA Objectives – Details

Exploration of Phobos Peak, KIssing Camel Ridge East & West – Accomplished

Distance covered by foot – 9.1km

Steps – 12,000

(2) Scouting and Mapping of Emergency Shelter Sites:
Sol: 2
Time of Day: AM
Shelter Designation: Phobos’ Peak & Kissing Camels Ridge E & W
Crew Members: G001/004
Accessibility: Multiple appropriate areas along entire Peak & Ridge
Location: 4250000N, 519000E
Wind storm: Appropriate – Tread with caution, large rocks/potential for landslide

Radiation event: Large, dense, thick rock/caves – seems appropriate, would need to measure depth of rock/caves

Incapacitated crew member: Appropriate

Photo-documentation: Yes
Next Crew Able to Find Shelters based on description/ markers/photodocumentation? N/A

(3) EVA Comfort, Well-Being, Safety and Optimization Study (See below)
Sol 2
Crew Member: G001 | G004
Time of Day: AM | AM
Pre-EVA Weight: 173.4 | 121.2
Post-EVA Weight: 170.4 | 120.6

Pre-EVA BP: 112/76 | 98/70

Post-EVA BP: 120/82 | 106/76
Pre-EVA SpO2: 97% | 96%
Post-EVA SpO2: 93% | 97%

Pre-EVA HR: 67 | 77
Post-EVA HR: 93 | 66
Max Perceived Physical Exertion (1-10): 5 | 5

Max Perceived Mental Exertion (1 (low effort)-10(max concentration)): 1 | 3

Max Perceived Emotional Distress (1 (no distress) – 10(very distressed)): 3 | 2
HR@Max Perceived Exertion: 126 | 136
SpO2 @ Max Perceived Exertion: N/A | 96%
Adequate Pre-Hydration: No | No
Adequate Sun-Protection: Yes | Yes
Subjective Comments: GPS would be really useful | Sunglasses fogged up

(4) Visor Fogging Study – Data Collected

Parameters Choose an option XO HSO EVA Time Morning/Afternoon? AM AM Weather Complete/Partial Overcast Or Clear Clear Clear EVA Suit type One/two piece 1 1 Did the visor fog? Yes/no N N Did the visor fog clear? Yes/no N/A N/A How much did the fog limit visibility? 1-10; clear-opaque N/A N/A What were you doing when it fogged? N/A N/A Did it fog more quickly with exertion? Yes/no N/A N/A What was your exertion level? 1-10; blinking eyes-heart attack N/A N/A How long was the visor fogged? Minutes N/A N/A Did you feel air flow within helmet? Yes/no Rarely Y

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