Sol Summary Report April 25th

Crew 193 Sol Summary Report – 25 APR 2018

Sol 3

Summary Title: Life Will Find a Way

Author: Doug Campbell, Executive Officer and Science Officer

Mission Status: Sub-optimal due to minor crew health issues but expected to be back to nominal tomorrow

Sol Activity Summary: The day started off early with quick individual breakfasts in order to prepare for EVA 6 which left at 0730. EVA 6 was a successful failure in that valuable exploration of Lith Canyon was completed; however, the intended destination was the White Moon area! While EVA 6 was occurring, the plants were watered in the Green Hab and some vegetables were harvested. Our crew astronomer made a quick trip to the observatory and did some troubleshooting with the GPS units. Our crew engineer did work around the hab and communicated with mission control.

The crew lunched together (thanks to our commander for cooking!) and then spent time on personal work and research projects before EVA 7. EVA seven was cut short at 1600 by the Health and Safety Officer over concerns of crew dehydration. Late afternoon was spent on reports. The plan for tonight is to watch a movie as a team, perhaps…. The Martian!!

Look Ahead Plan: EVA 8 will attempt to complete the mission plan that was submitted for EVA 6 but not completed. EVA 9 will be exploring further into Candor Chasma as part of the GPS mapping study. We will continue to work on learning ASL for 5 minutes each day as well as sharing stories about our lives so that the crew gets to know each other better.

Anomalies in work:

1. Radio #6 has a poor battery which loses charge quickly. It caused Gold 001 to be without communication during EVA 6. This radio has been put out of service by crew 193
2. EVA 7 was cut short due to health concerns over crew dehydration

Weather: Clear skies in AM, partly cloudy and gusty in PM.

Crew Physical Status: Some blisters, one incidence of crew mild dehydration. All members are resting and back to nominal by days end.

EVA 6 – Successfully explored the edges and the base of Lith Canyon. As per the title of this report, the EVA team found group of fully blossomed wild flowers on the edge of a large, sandy rock formation with no other flora or fauna in sight; proving that even on mars, life will find a way.
EVA 7 – Began the EVA in the RAM to paint the new sign for the MDRS campus. The crew then proceeded to climb the hill up to hab ridge. However, during the climb, one of the members began to not feel well and the remainder of the EVA was scrubbed.

Reports filed:
Science Report
Astronomy Report
Journalist’s Report
Photo & Photo of the Day Report

Reports to be filed:
Operations Report
EVA Report

Support Requested:

Additional fuel for ATVs.
Orange or green paint for the MDRS sign (or both)
Hot pads so we can put hot cookware on the table without wrecking the tabletop.

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