Journalist Report May 2nd

Journalist Report – Earth-Date 02May2018 / Sol 10

Author: Eric Shear

This has been a day of cleaning and humor. In light of both EVAs being cancelled today due to extreme muddy conditions, we have made the best of a bad situation and channeled our energies into preparations for the school field trip tomorrow. We have cleaned the hab to the best of our ability, kept up with our experiments, and made plans for receiving the kids.

Our astronomer took advantage of a brief peek of the sun through the clouds to photograph one small prominence on the solar limb. The general conclusion he reached from these observations is that the sun is undergoing a quiescent period of activity, which is extremely fortunate for our mission.

We learned some more ASL from our deaf crew member. Some of us managed to guess the signs correctly before he taught them to us!

We are looking forward to the end of our rotation, and have begun our final reports in anticipation of that big day.

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