Sol 1 Summary – May 14th

Crew 194 Daily Summary Report 14.05.2018

MDRS Daily Summary Report for sol 1

Summary Title

First EVA

Mission Status:


Sol Activity Summary:

Today was our first day in simulation. We learned about atmospheric composition and toxicology on spacecraft and habitats. We also discussed space suit design and had our first EVA.

Look Ahead Plan: We will continue our learning with discussion of radiation and celestial navigation.

Anomalies in work:

The Hab power system continue to be unreliable. We are on solar currently, but the system cuts out without warning. In addition, it does not appear to be sufficient to both power the Hab and recharge the batteries. The generator is able to power the Hab, but not to charge the batteries.

Weather:Sunny, Warm

Crew Physical Status:The crew is doing well. No concerns.

EVA: We had our first EVA today, which was exciting for the entire crew.

Reports to be file:

Operations Report

Support Requested:

Power System as above

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